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Raising Quality Stock Responsibly Since 2010


Hello! I'm Jessica, the mom behind Elegant Oak Farm in Galt, California. A Farrier by day, I spent most of my time on farms and ranches across Northern California. What's a few more hours after work every day tending to my own animals? 

For as long as I can remember I have loved horses, agriculture, and the values that come along with life on the farm. This spurred a big dream in me to one day own my own little slice of heaven.

After a country mile's worth of bumps in the road, I am proud to finally share the bounty of my harvest with you! We raise top quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Miniature Australian Shepherds, and American Quarter Horses. Committed to breeding responsibly and producing animals that are of the highest standards, we offer a limited selection for your consideration each year. To be notified on our latest animals available, please contact me today!

Elegant Oak Farm


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